Evaluate marketing effectiveness using web scraping techniques

The challenge

Marketing department has used service from a vender for email marketing, which was impossible to evaluate the real effect on customers behaviors as well as to get insights of marketing campaigns. The challenge is to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign to justify accordingly for better campaign


The project team applied data scraping methods in conjunction with Selenium web browser automation tool to extract email marketing data from external outsourced sources. After that, we performed data exploratory analysis to understand which messages were well-received, when customers reacted, and the respond patterns

After 5 days of an email campaign’ sending date, Sales and Marketing staff can view conversion rates of that campaign based on:

  • Customers’ response to the email marketing campaign
  • Their corresponding internet banking behavior

Business Impact

Estimated time saved from interdepartmental communication and individual report generation is 1248 working hours per year, which could be converted into a save of 150 million VND per year

Anh Hoang Duc
Anh Hoang Duc
Business Analytics professional


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