Some selected interesting projects that I have done with my fantastic team

Analyze customer location with spatial analytics

Using Google geolocation service & spatial analytics to analyze customer location.

Analyze customer's description using text-mining

Using text-mining techniques to have better understanding of customer transaction purposes.

Evaluate marketing effectiveness using web scraping techniques

Using web scraping techniques to collect marketing data from 3rd party to measure the effectiveness of marketing campagn.

Predict customers who might use overdraft

Using machine learning techniques to predict potential customers for cross-selling passbook secured overdraft.

Build recommendation engine for VPBank's customers

Using apriori algorithm to find frequent patterns and build recommendation engine for all products and customers for VPBank

Predict credit card attritors

Using Gradient Boosting Machine with H2O platform to predict customers who may close credit card in next 3 months

R package for Analytics automation

Build an R package to standardize & to automate common analytics tasks for Analytics team.


I am teaching some R courses with Ranalytics:

Recently, I have joined some conferences and workshops. During which, I am very happy to share my experience building analytics capabilities & implementations for attendees from different backgrounds.

  • Practical Implementation of RPA, AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services, Singapore (28-30 January, 2019) on Working with AI & customer analytics for better engagement
  • Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (19 Mar, 2018)
  • Next BigTech Asia Conference/Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12-16 Mar, 2018)
  • R users meetup - Experience sharing about Business Analytics (Mar, 2017)

Shiny apps

Apart from my work, I really enjoy my time to create shiny apps to automate some common analysis problems for my team, some of them are as follows: