R package for Analytics automation

The challenge

When working in BICC - VPBank, there are some common questions that a data science team has to solve:

  • How could I find potential customers for a given product?
  • What does it look like the frequent patterns of customers?
  • What is the retention rate/ cohort behaviour of customers?
  • What does the customer behavior flows look like?
  • How does one variable differ among various group?

and many other analytics questions.


To solve such problems, an R package named VPBank has been created so as to release time for data analytics team. The package has helped Analytics team in many perspectives:

  • Reduce time to analyze data
  • Standardize many analytics process
  • Unify template and format of graphics from different team members.

Thanks to the package, it has saved many working days for analytics team and make analytics process much shorter.