Search engines for data terms

The challenge

When building the new Data Warehouse, we have to deal with various data sources to extract business/data terms which will be use later for business. However, we face some fundamental but challenging questions such as:

  • How could I know that a term/multiple terms have been developed in the new DWH?
  • How could I find data terms effectively as we face problems of Natural Language Processing with Vietnamese language?


To solve such problems, we built a search engine using Natural Language Processing with Shiny in IBM Watson platform. The app help us to have:

  • Simple but modern interface for business users to find data available in the new DWH
  • Effectve search engine which can identify multiple terms with propensity of accuracy

Thanks to the app, it has saved hundreds hours for users/project to search and communicate to each other.

Anh Hoang Duc
Anh Hoang Duc
Business Analytics professional


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